Echo Dot 3 and Beginners Ebook Sales Promo (Dot3 Combo)
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We are excited to launch this exclusive Sales Promo (Dot3 Combo) on the Amazon Echo Dot 3. You just need to Buy an Amazon Echo Dot 3 device HERE and you will get (For Free !, yes you heard it, FREE ! - You save $4 US) a must have Kindle Book to make your journey with Alexa fun while making your life professionally and personally EASY !!!!. Keep reading to learn how to get this promotion.


Get the eBook here with PayPal at $US 1.99  - 50% OFF

 How to get this promotion:

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1) Click this link to buy your Echo Dot 3 on Amazon

2) Enter your email and your paid order confirmation number below (Replace name), press submit.



3) If the verification of your order is successul, you will email you the kindle eBook promised within 24 hours.

This promotion is fully managed by TECHNOPRO.

Terms and Conditions Apply.

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