How to get Google apps on an Amazon Fire tablet
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The best thing about the Amazon Fire 7 tablet is its $49 price. The worst thing is that its Android-based Fire OS 6 software lacks most of what makes Android, well, Android. It (like Amazon’s other Fire tablets) lacks any of the standard Google apps, like Google Maps, Google Photos, or Google Drive. What’s worse is that the built-in Amazon Appstore is a stand-in for Google’s Play Store, and most of the apps you know and love aren’t available.

Cryto needed a King, so will be the role of Facebook Libra
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2 Years ago i started to do my homework of searching more information and educating myself about Cryptocurrencies. I also spent long hours studying and understanding the concept of "Money" and the whys the world so-called leaders shut up when it's about revealing the secrets about money. I take this opportunity to applaud the legacy of "Money Revealed" series.

Considering myself as a millenial, i can understand easily the actions of a "special millenial" like Mark Zuckerberg. He has always impressed me but this time he pushes me to relay this blog post about his team upcoming Cryptocurrency called: Libra.

If you want to know my position with regards to this King of Crytocurrencies then here it is: I believe that humankind is born to live free without worrying about how to pay for food tomorrow.

Facebook or Instagram, the new drug of millennials
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I was asked to fill a medical record form and here is one  of the questions i was asked: Do you take drugs ?. I took a minute before i responded and at the same time i asked the secretary (a millennial (?)) this question: How do you define drug ? She said: Cocain, Marijuana, etc.... I understood she meant addiction to something harmful.

I replied: we all take drugs then. She asked how so? I said all of us use FACEBOOK. She started to laugh and said that is so true!.

I have decided to classify Facebook or Instagram as a drug not for what it is but for the level of addiction that equals or surpasses the addiction caused by cocain or marijuana. The level of dependency is unbelievable. Let us confirm our position by analyzing some statistics (see the infographic):

Amazon PayCode is Here - No Credit/Debit Card? Use Cash!
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You may be wondering why Amazon is such a successful company. The answer is both simple and complicated. It is simple because they solve customer problems at the right time and the exact moment. It is complicated because it takes a lot of money and technology innovation nowadays to solve customers exact problems.

I have been in situations where getting a credit or debit card is one problem. Keeping that credit/debit card with available funds is another problem. The amazon PayCode is of course a relief for the following 2 main reasons:

Shockingly Good Smartphones You Can Get for $350 or Less
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At some point, we all decided that smartphones cost $1,000 or more. But they don't have to. WSJ's David Pierce surveys the cheap-phone landscape, and finds a few surprisingly great devices at surprisingly low prices. Watch the video and learn how to can make a better decision for your pocket.

How to never lose your Contacts information again (Smartphone)
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Approximately 50% of the people I spoke to in the past complain about losing their contacts information after they gave their smartphone to a technician. I promise to show you how to never lose your contacts information again.

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Browsing slowing to a crawl, the inability to stream, dropped Wi-Fi signals, wireless dead zones—every one of these problems is maddening in a world where getting online has become, for some, as necessary as breathing. (Well, maybe not thatcritical...but important.)

If you feel like your Wi-Fi has gotten sluggish, there are many tools you can use to test the speed of your internet. However, if the only way you can get decent reception is by standing next to your wireless router, these simple tips can help optimize your network.