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New Alexa Skill and eBook for beginners of Echo Dot 3 available at Amazon
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I was honored in 2011 to present a speech in Porto-Rico during a Toastmasters District 81 Conference. In that speech I had talked about the museum of life where everyone has the possibility to leave a legacy. I invite you to read the article in full to get some valuable information that will help you understand  the future of technologies.

Last week, it was such another honor for Technopro to publish on all major eBook stores the New eBook entitled “Step-by-step guide for Beginners of Echo Dot 3 available at Amazon”. Also, the same week a new Alexa Skill called “Learn EDOT3 unofficial” was published for those who have the device at home but do not know much how to get things done with it. A very interesting part of that Alexa Skill is the fact that those who have the premium plan will have continuously new content as we release them. It means they will always know what is new about their device. With those products, we add new legacies to that museum.

To see the inside and get the ebook visit your prefered ebook store and type the title mentioned above or search for it by the name of its author: Rodrigue Osirus.

As for the Alexa Skill go to your Alexa App on your mobile and navigate to Settings > Skills. From there you can type the name of the skill indicated above. You also have the option of opening this web address alexa.amazon.com and navigate the menu to activate a desired skill.

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