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eBook / PDF
Echo Dot 3rd Generation
Step by step guide for Beginners

This ebook of 40 pages (to ensure most of your questions are answered) explains how to setup and use your Echo Dot 3 as a beginner. Watch the demo video below.

 PubS Amazon Echo Dot 3 Step by step Guide for Beginners

eBook / PDF
Main Benefits of this eBook

  • PDF format for reading on every device (Desktop or Mobile)
  • Shows and explains what the Echo Dot 3rd Gen. can do
  • Step-by-Step explanation for every configuration
  • List the most useful voice commands to simplify tasks at home (Education, Entertainment, News, etc.)
  • Tells you how to protect your WiFi network and your security online
  • Shares the best practices on your privacy management
  • You get access to our Alexa Skill by saying "Learn E. Dot Three Unofficial"
  • Learn how to use Emails, Calendar, Task, Calls, Radio, and more


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