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How to understand your website visitors using Google Analytics?
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A website is one of the most important assets a business or any other type of activity can have to accomplish its goals. If 20 years ago it was a “nice-to-have” marketing element, today it is not the case as the digital transformation has been accelerated by the pandemic of Covid-19. We must live in the digital era as our new customer is a website / app user. Either we get onboard or we will be exhaled.

The biggest challenge faced by a website owner is how to understand the behaviour of the visitors in order to adjust the efforts of acquiring or maintaining clients. Out of many website Analytics tools that come with almost all of the hosting accounts such as awstats, one of my favorites in the past, none of them has been able to provide a detailed understanding of the visitors overhaul behaviour.

Today in this video, I promise to show how you can use this amazing tool from Google called Google Analytics and it’s free. I will start showing how to create an account until the presentation of each key information you will need to measure your marketing efforts.

How To Use Zoom for Video Calls on your PC and Mobile
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Zoom Video Conferencing application is one of the best ones out there for being simple, smooth sound/video and Cross-platform (can work on PC and Mobile devices).

Lately people have criticized Zoom for allowing zoom bombing (security issues). The company has taken the required steps and achieved to make it more secure than ever.

Today we will learn how to use zoom with the settings you need to configure it in order to have a secure meeting with your friends, co-workers and why not for education purposes.

How to Make International Calls using Skype on Echo Dot 3 Smart speaker?
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Echo Dot 3 smart speakers come by default with the ability to call very limited countries such as the United States. Oftentimes we do have a skype account that allows us to make calls to tens of countries. Why not configure our smart speaker and enjoy the comfort of asking Alexa to call friends or families we want to keep in touch with especially in these tough times of lockdown?

In this article we will show you how you can configure your skype account on your Echo Dot 3 so you can make calls internationally using that same skype plan.

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Echo Dot 3rd Gen. - 5 handy commands you probably did not know
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Echo Dot 3rd Generation, available at Amazon, has become a big part of my daily life. The device is so exciting and helpful that I decided to write an ebook to help beginners start on a solid ground. Making sure they enjoy their investment from the very first day of use. To get your copy of the book, use your prefered ebook store or Click here.

Today, I have put together 5 (five) very handy commands that will guarantee your experience with the device is better than ever.

How to play your favorite songs on Echo Dot 3 available at Amazon
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I use my smart speaker Echo Dot 3 to do many things such as music, news, calendar, emails, chat, alarm, timer, reminder, encyclopedia, etc… However there are many limitations when it comes to music if you are not on a plan like music unlimited. Moreover, you are disrupted with ads while listening to your music. Ads are no issue as the frequency is acceptable. Other restrictions are you are not allowed to create playlists or ask for a specific song.

In this article I will show you how to play your favorite songs without a plan.