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How to schedule sending an email with Gmail
(Reading time: 2 - 4 minutes)
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I have used Microsoft Outlook a lot during my professional life. If it is the case for you probably know the well known feature of delay sending an email. 

In this tutorial we will not use Outlook, we will show you how to do it with Gmail, my favorite email client for being secure fast and practical..

Follow these steps to schedule sending an email with Gmail:

      Step 1:

  1. Press the compose button as you would do for creating regular email. Complete the email form with To, Subject, Body.

    howto gmail schedule email technopro

    Step 2:

  2. Now look below and next to the send button, there is a little arrow (difficult to see though). Click and Schedule Send (See image)

    howto gmail schedule email technopro 1

    Step 3:
  3. Once you complete step 2, you will be presented with the following window with the option to specify the date and time to send your email. Once you complete this, the email will be scheduled.

    howto gmail schedule email technopro 2

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