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How to understand your website visitors using Google Analytics?
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A website is one of the most important assets a business or any other type of activity can have to accomplish its goals. If 20 years ago it was a “nice-to-have” marketing element, today it is not the case as the digital transformation has been accelerated by the pandemic of Covid-19. We must live in the digital era as our new customer is a website / app user. Either we get onboard or we will be exhaled.

The biggest challenge faced by a website owner is how to understand the behaviour of the visitors in order to adjust the efforts of acquiring or maintaining clients. Out of many website Analytics tools that come with almost all of the hosting accounts such as awstats, one of my favorites in the past, none of them has been able to provide a detailed understanding of the visitors overhaul behaviour.

Today in this video, I promise to show how you can use this amazing tool from Google called Google Analytics and it’s free. I will start showing how to create an account until the presentation of each key information you will need to measure your marketing efforts.

To understand the importance of Google Analytics let me give you an example of something that happened to me this week. I like Google Analytics so much that I have it installed on my smartphone (yes, there is the app also you can download from Playstore) in order to check my website performance frequently during the day (I created a very useful dashboard based on my need for insights). I mostly do that to compare my today website / business performance with the previous day. One day Suddenly i saw a huge peak of traffic. I knew right aways something was wrong because that was not normal behaviour. 1 or 2 days later I heard on the news that Google had made an update to its search algorithm. It was then I understood the reason of that peak in my traffic. I did not stay there, I went deeper into my Google Analytics to know who was visiting my website, where they came from, what they visited, the whole behaviour flow. All of that was possible thanks to that extraordinary website analytics and free tool.

In summary, Google Analytics answers the following questions: Who are your website visitors, where do they come from, what did they do on your website, were they satisfied, what device did they use, are they new or returning? The tool even allows you to configure marketing goals such as the percentage of sales generated from all your visitors during a specified period of time. I invite you to watch this introductory video to learn how you can set up your account and the benefits you will reap.

Tell us in a comment below if you are using Google Analytics and what do you like most. Feel free to ask us your questions. If you find this article useful, please share it with your friends and colleagues so they can also benefit from reading it.

Video 1: How to understand your website visitors using Google Analytics? 


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